The official SiegeGG CDN. About SiegeGG

The SiegeGG CDN is responsible for delivering the visual content to anyone visiting the SiegeGG website. It is an essential job that has to be performed flawlessly at any time to any visitor from all around the globe. Our primary goal of using a CDN is to present our visual content while reducing its data load on the bandwidth of our users to ensure the best possible usability and accessibility.

Another aspect of our CDN is the opportunity of resizing and manipulating images on the fly. For example, all article images on our main page are fitted with the boundaries of the surrounding article card.

We have recently updated the CDN further to fit the needs of us and our users better. Therefore, we have also improved this page to be more minimalistic. Since Version 1.2 the CDN has processed ${processed} and served ${served} images.

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